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12/18/12 6:28 PM
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Here are the weekly and updated cumulative results through week 15 of the NFL season.

It has become an even tighter race now as only six picks separate the top four players. Though with only two weeks left, now might be the time to make picks to try and make up ground. ...or not, obviously everyone should play the strategy that they think gives them the best chance to win.

Props this week goes out to Khun Kao for being the only player to pick the CAR/SD game right. Way to go man.

And now onto the results...

Weekly Results:
MentalRage: 12
Caleb: 11
Khun Kao: 11
sicko: 11
Mr B Rock: 10
saucylv33: 9

Cumulative Results:
Cumulative results are in the format of Name: #_of_Wins (%_Picked_Correct), and are ordered based on number of games picked right.

sicko: 150, (66.96%)
Caleb: 149, (66.82%)
saucylv33: 145, (64.73%)
MentalRage: 144, (64.57%)
Khun Kao: 132, (59.19%)
Tommy Gunnz: 126, (61.46%)
east: 112, (64.37%)
Mr B Rock: 91, (68.94%)
Thage: 34, (61.82%)
Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes: 16, (50%)
Joe VIP: 16, (50%)
Pretjah: 11, (68.75%)
Granpa: 9, (56.25%)
UGCTT_mofit: 9, (56.25%)
alxholic: 8, (50%)

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