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12/24/12 12:07 AM
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Here are the weekly and updated cumulative results through week 16 of the NFL season.

It remains a tight race with only a handful of picks separating the top few players. Though week 17 is the final week of the season, so if anyone was planning on making a move, now would be the time to do it.

Nobody this week was the lone player to pick a game correctly, so instead props this week will be shared jointly between Khun Kao and MentalRage. Not only were they the only two to pick the NO/DAL game correctly, but they were also the two players with the most games picked correctly this week.

And now onto the results...

Weekly Results:
Khun Kao: 13
MentalRage: 13
east: 11
sicko: 11
Caleb: 10
Mr B Rock: 10
saucylv33: 9

Cumulative Results:
Cumulative results are in the format of Name: #_of_Wins (%_Picked_Correct), and are ordered based on number of games picked right.

sicko: 161, (67.09%)
Caleb: 159, (66.53%)
MentalRage: 157, (65.69%)
saucylv33: 154, (64.17%)
Khun Kao: 145, (60.67%)
Tommy Gunnz: 126, (61.46%)
east: 123, (64.74%)
Mr B Rock: 101, (68.24%)
Thage: 34, (61.82%)
Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes: 16, (50%)
Joe VIP: 16, (50%)
Pretjah: 11, (68.75%)
Granpa: 9, (56.25%)
UGCTT_mofit: 9, (56.25%)
alxholic: 8, (50%)

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