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thebigkahuna - Vitor shaolin - 48th and 8 ave
You train there bro? Phone Post

I'll be there tomorrow morning brah!

I heard Master Shaolin has a great group of guys. Ive trained at Renzos for a couple years but now have been ut of the game for about 1.5 years due to some injuries and work. Its gonna be a little bit more till i rejoin the bjj life but when I do I want to give your place a look. To be taught by Shaolin or Loro on a daily basis must be a great privilege

I am sure those guys would appreciate your kind words. I was Renzos too in 2005-2007, great place with some awesome guys (Alberto Marchetti and I started the same week!) but I really enjoy the atmosphere at Shaolins. He is a bit more intense during class, but he really enjoys teaching and bonding with his students.

Don't hesitate to stop by. If you are trying to ease back in, there is an open mat that anyone can attend on Sunday 12-2.

Shaolin and Loro are great instructors, we often get allot of guests too. Dede has done multiple seminars, as well as Anderson Silva and Shogun.
Jose Aldo spent a month there, Telles is there all the time, Paul Daley has dropped in for open mat, etc, etc.