Enemies - Soooooooooooo happy with Cain's win. Funny how there was just an article up about Cain's inability at avoiding hits. And the best boxer in the HW Division couldn't get a square shot on him.

Also, proof that any shot to back of the ear is going to take most people out.

im a fan of both so was happy and disappointed at the same time just like i was the first fight.

as far as jack slack's article, he's def got some great striking insight and good dicussion for us but like anyone, can overanalyze and miss certain things. i believe he used the Kongo fight for example which was ages ago and where Cain has improved since. Not that Cain is now imune to getting hit but his head movement is pretty good and sometimes its just who gets who first or who dictates.

there was ironically another article about JDS' holes in his striking which Cain could exploit and did. I believe that writer focused more on the boxing than the combindation of boxing and wrestling and were the threat of the td is a major factor that affects the boxing but another view on the holes of the other fighter.

in the end, Cain did what he had to do and JDS failed.