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1/4/13 5:53 AM
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This is going to be a hell of a fight. Two of the best lightweights in Australia squaring off. WIth TUF Smashes 2 being announced as being filmed in September it's a good chance to get familar with some of the potential cast members.



When Brace For War said that they had big things planned for 2013 they weren’t wrong. With the promotion staging its nineteenth show in February, it will be the first time that they have put on an event in Sydney.  Under the “big top” of Luna Park, Sydney is expected to get a display of some of the best Mixed Martial Arts in the country. The card already features three title fights and today Fight News Australia reported that a Lightweight feature match-up of Rob Hill (11-7) and Damien Brown (8-3) would also take place.


The fight between the two Legend FC fighters marks the first time that Rob Hill has fought on Australian soil in a little over three years and will also be Damien’s first fight in Australia since early 2012.


On his newly signed fight Damien was excited “it is unreal to have a fight again,” he started. “Fighting in Sydney is probably the closest I will get to fighting in my hometown of Albury, so I am really hoping that I get to fight in front of my family for the first time.” When the fight was signed Damien felt an almost immediate rush of excitement, “my whole attitude just changed one hundred percent, I am so excited and keen to get back inside the cage. Once it was confirmed my excitement level went through the roof. It’s even better that it’s against a guy that I legitimately think is a top five Lightweight in Australia.”


Under the Legend FC banner it was highly unlikely that we would see these two fight, the organisation likes to feature “country v. country” style match-ups, so the opportunity to see two of Australia’s top Lightweights square off against each other is one that many fans are looking forward to. “It’s a great opportunity to see us fight, since we are both Legend fighters we have been fighting on the same team so to speak, I wouldn’t say we are friends, we are just a couple of guys who fight for the same company. Before we were in Legend Rob was always a couple of fights ahead of me in experience so now I think it’s a great opportunity, and I know we will put on a hell of a show,” Damien commented.


Fighting on home turf again is a welcomed change for Damien; with two of his last three fights being overseas he is looking forward to putting on a show in front of the Aussie fans. “Mine and Robs styles are going to go together so well for this, we both love to leave everything in the cage and I know for sure that this is going to be an explosive fight.” On his “trademark” slams Damien laughed and vowed to do whatever he needed to do to win the fight, “if the chance comes to take him down I won’t be doing it lightly, I like to ragdoll people and I don’t like to put people down gently. If he lets me grab hold of him I will do everything I can to drop him on his head!”


For both fighters it’s been a six month plus lay off from competitive action. Both men had been trying hard to get fights due to the postponement of Legend FC’s latest card. Although Damien desperately wanted to get another fight signed he also saw the break as a good thing. “I have spent the past six months pretty much working as hard as I can in the gym. It wasn’t time that was lost at all. I have been developing my game and I am sure that Rob has been doing the same. I have been waiting for another top level opponent and I am so glad that I get to fight Rob.”


In this day and age it’s not uncommon for fighters to hype a fight with trash talking; Damien however thinks that this fight may not have a vocal lead up. “I think there is a mutual respect between Rob and I. We don’t need to trash talk and we don’t see to bash on each other to sell this fight. This fight is going to be explosive no matter what is said.”


Having great sponsors such as Australian Sports Nutrition Brisbane, Prodigy Fit and Again Faster Equipment has meant that Damien has been able to focus on his training during his eight month lay-off and he is looking forward to giving back to them for their support. Another crucial aspect to Damien’s development as a fighter are his training partners out of Integrated MMA and also Crossfit Mitchelton, preparing for his fight with some of the country’s best is something that Damien cannot be thankful enough for.


When Rob Hill and Damien Brown enter that cage in Sydney one thing is going to be certain, it is going to be the fight of a lifetime for these two and it is sure to be one that will set the pace for the Australian Lightweight division in what is set to be an explosive year of MMA!

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