Good news....


I was actually somewhat suprised that the commission asked the question. Regardless of what you think about Overeem he showed on several occasion that he has been completely doping free. He basically complied with all the random test of the commission and he even send a few test samples of his own (which is a good development. I do think athletes should be able to choice the people who test them as long as these places are reputable. I am sure there are pretty strict guidelines regarding test centres. If this is not the case yet they really should do something about that in terms of legislation. And it needs to be done nationally and with imput from all parties involved with reason)..


Hence it showed good insight and intelligence for the commissionar to ask this question. I do feel that people should approach this problems from both sides. Its not only about regulation. There needs to be an honest debate about this and the commission is there just as much for the sport in itself and its athletes as for ruling on indiscretions.


There will probably still be a lot of detractors even after this episode  and while i am not entirely sure that Overeem has not been an steroid user (if you look at the difference from the Pride days it is rather beyond believe..then again that is just personal opinion) i do think he has proven himself time after time and now deserves the benifit of the doubt. It time to set people personal feelings aside regarding this issue,you have to be realistic about things.