antifret -
Ryann Von Doom - 
fat referee -
NorthFromHere - Have fun getting raped in jail.


i BJJ brown belt isnt getting raped in jail... Unless he's facing a gang, the bjj brown belt is the one doing the raping.


This isn't a 8 minute gi match bro. Think 1 on 10 w/ shanks, gouging, etc

This isnt the movies lol Phone Post

fat referee do you even trane? You sound like someone who listens to rap music and watches too many movies. A bjj blue belt is gonna get through prison unscathed no matter what he did. A purple is gonna eat those dimbulb criminals in jail for lunch. The only advantage a "hardened" criminal has over a non-criminal is the criminal has nothing to lose. I'm a professor and researcher. Give me an average gang member and i'll take his lunch money if i'm not going to jail for messing him up. What makes someone a "hardened" criminal besides the fact that they're an idiot who does dumbass shit that gets you thrown in jail? You act like these guys go to some sort of special ops training or something. An accountant with a 2 striped white belt could take out most cholos.
What makes them a hardened criminal is when you attempt to pull guard they're other hardened criminal friend will kick the holy crap out of you Phone Post 3.0