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Big John got on to Lamas for open finger range gauging.

Sounds like Rogan agrees, said something like "that's something we really need to do something about."

It looked like Koch took a little bit of a poke, he rubbed at his right eye for a second but shook it off.

And Big John did it PRIOR to having a finger-poke and an early stoppage due to flagrant foul and subsequent injury. He properly warned the fighter that was perilously close to committing a foul.
I may owe you an apology. I just reread this and I think you may have been in agreement with the thrust of my post and were expanding upon it.

It can be really hard to interpret tone in these threads sometimes, especially when controversial topics arise.

Sorry, ShawnTheBadger. Phone Post

Apology unnecessary but accepted. No harm, no...ahem...foul. ;)

Yes, I was agreeing with you kind sir.

I was arguing earlier about whether Big John should keep quiet until after an actual foul occurs. It is crazy for Big John (any ref) to keep quiet when he sees something that is getting perilously close to a foul. Especially considering the possible repercussions from an eye poke. I *think* most fighters would rather take an illegal shot to the nuts or the back of the head than an eye poke.