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1/22/13 12:09 PM
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Out To Lunch
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Luda54 - I don't understand why people think Chris Weidman is a contender. He beat Mark Munoz, that's it. There is a collapsible list of middleweights that could do the exact same thing that Weidman did to Munoz. Other than that he went to a decision with Maia. Like seriously, WTF? Weidman is so far from a title shot it's ridiculous. Yet a lot of people think he's the greatest thing since Bruce Lee! Shouldn't he have to prove himself before being mentioned in the same sentence as a guy like Anderson Silva?

Some people keep hoping for an opponent to dethrone AS. They hope to the point that they no longer use logical analysis.
1/22/13 12:16 PM
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clevelandkid -
UGCTT_FryedTakayama -  Anderson vs Shogun. Let's do it already! Phone Post

Would love to see it if Shogun really committed to showing up in prime shape. I'd actually like to see him at 185 if he could make the cut.
They could do a catch of 195 to see how shogun's body feels if he is to transition to MW... Phone Post

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