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1/29/13 9:28 AM
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Joe_Drogan420 - lol @ all the UG'ers saying GSP would outbox Nick Diaz in that thread a couple days ago.

Guess all you keyboard warriors know boxing better than Roach.

this isn't boxing, its mma

and yeah, GSP would beat the shit outta Diaz
No he wouldn't and they didn't ask if GSP would attempt to box Nick in a boxing match they asked if the planned to strike with nick in a mma fight and the answer was no, they needed to refine more... Phone Post

do you really think that GSP's camp is gonna make they're gameplan public?
Did the public not know his gameplan?

Because exotic aliens on a undiscovered planet we didn't know existed, already know gsp's gameplan.... Phone Post

What?  He always has different gameplans.  For guys like Hardy/Alves he'll take them down early and often.  For Shields it was to stand the first 4.5 minutes of each round.  That was pretty much a straight stand up fight.  For BJ it was to immediately clinch and put him against the fence to tire his arms/shoulders out and take away his boxing.

Ok ill concede he changes his gameplan to a degree.

I still don't think there's a mystery as to what GSP is going to come out and do in this fight.

If he stands with Nick for the majority of each round, if thats his gameplan. I believe he'll lose but we all know the majority of this fight will be spent on the ground.

If it ends up a striking affair everyone should be happy no matter who wins but just I don't see GSP attempting that. Phone Post

No, just no. If GSp stands for 4 minutes of each round then takes him down, it will be because he's winning the stand up. If he isn't having the success he's after he'll take him down sooner and he'll take him down at will.

Pitter patter slap boxing, plodding footwork and BJJ he'll only be able to use while being on bottom of the guy who has the best wrestling for MMA, EVER... does that sound like a recipe for beating the WW GOAT?

GSP wins via head kick KO.
GSP will go for takedowns regardless of if he's winning or losing the striking.

If GSP goes for four minutes without attempting a td... has GSP ever gone for four minutes without attempting a td?

My statement was that if he stands for longer than he can keep it on the mat he'll lose but I'd be shocked if he could stand with Nick for twenty minutes and win. Phone Post
Be prepared to be shocked Phone Post
1/29/13 9:32 AM
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Johnny D
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fapout - notice that there are only a few diaz fans that actually think that Diaz will win...lol

I'm a Diaz fan, I hope he can win, but I don't think it will happen. What really pisses in my wheates is when Diaz fans, or other fighters bitch about the way GSP fights.

Bicthing about the way a fighter fights is a last resort when you know your guy, or youself, doesn't have the skill set to effectively deal with the opponent.

Call GSP what you will, but there is a reason he gets his hand raised at the end of his fights.

With that being said I really hope Diaz can pull it off, nothing would make me happier than to hear him screaming "Stockton mother fucker" while putting GSP down.

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