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1/28/13 8:35 PM
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Did you guys like the retarded “stop don’t move/move the fight to the center’ of Pride? Don’t get me wrong, I use to love Pride but that was one part of Pride that I did not like. Imagine this-you lock up a submission and your opponent rolls out towards the rope. Do you restart the fight in the center with sub locked in? That’s just dumb.

it was absolutely the worst part of pride, and for that matter WFA and affliction and many other orgs

Another thing about ring vs. cage that isn’t mentioned much- I think it prevents fighters from going 100% on take downs near the rope for a fear of falling out. You don’t see a full potential brought out from fighters who is going for take downs as well as for fighters who are defending it.
If there is cage, you have a peace of mind of knowing that something will stop you from falling over the rope and you can go full force in charging for the take downs.
If they do a ring on UFC they should allow fighters to throw their opponent over the rope though.
1/28/13 8:50 PM
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I like cages because they are closer to the reality of a "real" NHB (unsanctioned) street or bar fight. Most scraps happen around buildings, in buildings, around cars, bars, support posts, doors and obstacles of all sorts. In its infancy, the UFC was a slightly tamed version of a one-on-one bar-fight. Whether by design or dumb luck, the cage made perfect sense to me.

I do not like rings, they do not remotely simulate "real life."

And I like the cage just the way it is.

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