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2/5/13 4:57 AM
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Definitely Bob Sapp!!! Lol Erm, Fedor as he was a complete beast for so long. Will be hard for any current HW to string together so many consecutive wins and dominant performances like he did. Phone Post
2/5/13 12:48 PM
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orcus - 

"Pezao beat Fedor at the end of his career, still an amazing accomplishment but more to do with Fedor losing a step honestly"

The only reason that was the "end of his career" is because after getting stopped twice in a row he wanted to retire and eventually did, after taking one more stoppage loss and a few wins over much lower level opponents. Fedor is three years younger than Anderson and started fighting three years later, was statistically one of if not the least hit men in all MMA, and iirc his most serious surgery was for a broken hand -- not the multiple knee, shoulder, back, etc surgeries many fighters have (like Anderson). You think if he had destroyed Werdum and Bigfoot and won the SF tourney anyone would have said the wins came at the end of his career? No, because they wouldn't have -- he would have kept fighting. 

Deciding to retire after you get smashed several times in a row doesn't automatically make the losses count less, or the wins count less for the guy who beat you.

Oh look. A Fedor thread and orcus is here trying to belittle his accomplishments.


Is ANYONE Surprised?




That's why I made my epic mma has fickle fans thread. I don't need to add to it, all the work that's been done is MORE than suffiecient imo.


So just expect, everytime orcus comes on a Fedor thread shitting on him for thousand whatever time, people who think he's full of shit, can confrim, when it comes to Fedor, orcus is full of shit.



2/5/13 2:06 PM
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newbornbabynoob - As a Fedor fan this thread makes my heart smile. Remember when this forum was full of idiots shitting on Fedor and proclaiming Brock the #1 heavyweight? Because there was a LOT of them, like a significant portion of the forum.

It's nice to see some clear thinking in these parts again.

2/5/13 3:41 PM
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ThinkMMA -
LAE - 
ThinkMMA -
LAE - Nogueria. He lost to Fedor twice I know but he was fighting all the contenders while Fedor was fighting Zulu and Mark Hunt. Phone Post
Nog fought Zulu. Your point? Phone Post
Fedor is recognised for his run in pride. For me Nog had the better run in Pride. He fought Ricco, barnett, sergei, finished herring and finished crocop. Fedors only two siginificant wins were Nog and Cro cop but that doesnt make him greater overall. For me it will be Nogueria, he went to the UFC and has better and more relevant wins than Fedor since 2006. Fedor (through no fault of his own i admit) didnt fight those top guys because Nogueria fought them for him.

Its the same situation between Wanderlei and Shogun in PRIDE. Wanderlei got all the plaudits and everyone talks of hos amazing title run. All wand did was beat up cans and undersized Japanese guys. He beat Page twice and went 1-1 with Arona. Shogun beat page, nog, overeem and arona in the GP, Wands biggest win was nakamura ffs.

Pride liked to protect its stars. As doon as Shogun won the GP and became a star who did they give him? The Snake ffs.

Dont get me wrong, i am fan of all the fighters ive mentioned but just look at who they had to fight.

Fedor faded into obscurity because of M1, Nog is still relevant. Phone Post

Cool set of paragraphs. 


They both had great runs, but, what happens when they fight????  Okay then.

Posting from my phone, apologies for layout. However, you didnt really answer my point. By your system of If X bests Y he's immediately greater than him. Therefore is Rampage greater than Chuck in the LHW GOAT standing? Is Bang better than Pulver? Is Aurelio better than Gomi?

We're talking about legacy. For me, Nog fought the tougher guys while Fedor didnt. I admit, he beat Nog and CroCop but didnt test himself against Sergei, Barnett, Ricco etc. Its matchmakings fault, not Fedors. Phone Post

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