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Porkchop - Common tho bro, Cro Cop is the man. He's an honourable guy and never says a bad thing about anyone. How could you hate him?

Agreed PC... Why would anybody hate him? Special Forces bad-ass, and obviously a sweet guy, he sings like a giant retard with Patt Barry, and he's always pulling pranks on people.

He was responsible for one of the best pranks ever.

Some people just rub me off, secially since a lot of times after his losses he started to say about injuries and shit, whatever, i'm not going to love the guy but i can admit when he's right or wrong.
Deal with it, not everyone thinks the same as you.

Wait a minute......

Did Mirko Filipovic rub you off???

This could be UG news worthy material here!

You asked "Why would anybody hate him?", dumbass

So let's be clear......

Did he or didn't he rub you off?

Seems to me like that would be a reason to thank him rather than hate him.....

You sound like an angry guy in general.... but surely a good rub off would put him in your good books... No?