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2/5/13 1:57 PM
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By signing with Bellator, Randy is effectively putting his stamp of approval on Bellator's unfair contract-drafting practices.

Funny, I remember when he was holding press conferences to announce how messed up his UFC contract was.

So will he recommend to his ExtremeCouture guys that they sign with Bellator over the UFC?

And will Greg Jackson do the same for his fighters?
2/5/13 3:41 PM
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ExtremeCouture is essentially dead. All the talented fighters have fled the coop. So that really isn't a concern at this point. And Randy is going to look out for Randy. To have any other expectation of him at this point (without judgement), is naive. If Randy can push a younger fighter into a contract or organization that makes Randy money, of course he's going to do it.

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