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2/5/13 6:29 PM
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OK everyone, I'm back and as promised this thread will be more focused on the aspects of MMA that everyone knows and loves.  Pick any or all the questions, no requirements to answer certain ones or all of them.  Here we go.

1. There were many varying opinions on who was the GOAT or at least the greatest currently in MMA.  Take whoever you think is the greatest for this question.  Most everyone can agree that there is always room for improvement.  What martial art do you think your pick for the greatest should add or improve on to make their skills even better and increase their victories?  For example I remember one poster saying that he felt Silva needed to improve his wrestling skills yet had virtually unmatched striking skills.

2. I have noticed many comments/complaints that some people feel MMA is not popular enough or brought to the mainstream.  This is often quoted as the reason many here think that the fake BBs feel they can get away with their lies, because they think not enough people know the details of the sport and its participants to expose them for their lies.  What do you think would increase the popularity of MMA competition and bring it to the mainstream?  Also for extra thought do you think that bringing it to the mainstream would truly improve it or hurt it?  In so many different professions, music for example, we see many examples where people feel that the mainstream causes a bastardization or lower quality of the profession or products. 

3. There was some discussion in the previous thread of who was the original mixed martial artist or what led to a true mixing of various martial arts rather than building expertise in only one style.  There were a couple stating that Bruce Lee was the first true mixed martial artist.  Who do you think was the first true mixed martial artist?  Who or what do you think popularized the concept of mixing various martial arts?

2/6/13 11:54 AM
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Anyone interested in this thread??

2/6/13 12:08 PM
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1) Anderson Silva. Learning some more aikido will vastly improve his front kicks.

2) Bringing in a Hollywood mega star who is well versed and a documented martial artist will bring the masses. Someone who has never lost a fight, arrests criminals in real life and wears range glasses. If only someone fitted that.

3) Steven seagal. He knows aikido, karate, wing chun and has successfully cleared many bars and prisons off all who attack him. Some say seagal invested mma while taking on Norris and Bruce lee at the same time. Phone Post

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