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2/8/13 9:04 AM
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orcus - 
Anderson's BBC in my Goku - 
orcus - 

It's funny the Weidman huggers were talking up this fight as evidence that Weidman is a standup threat to Anderson.

What I saw is Weidman winning a mediocre standup fight with a TUF guy, going 1 for 3 on takedowns, and not being able to keep him down even on that one.  

Sounds like Anderson by first round stoppage to me.

yeah, but thats because you are a hating bitch..it was his 3rd fight...how good do wrestlers usually look in their 3rd fight?

But then in his Sakara fight he still couldn't get any takedowns in the first round, and that wasn't his third fight...what will your excuse be for why he doesn't get any takedowns before Anderson TKOs him? Pressure from the title fight a la GSP/Hughes, and in the rematch he'll destroy Anderson? Or will you shift your focus to Lombard, or Belfort again?

He had broken ribs for the Sakara fight , didnt get a camp either (12 days notice)


2nd and 3rd round he secured all the TD's

2/8/13 9:07 AM
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NotImpressedByYourScreenName - 
NotImpressedByYourScreenName -  Good advertisement for Weidman, but an even better advertisement for Silva. There were so many opportunities in that 3min where a failed TD would have been met with a lethal, fight ending combo from Silva. Silva is at a level now where he needs only one slight opening and he ends the fight in 3 seconds flat.

If Weidman wants to take Anderson down he better start getting TD lessons from Chael stat. His GnP looked sloppy too - looked like Dan stopped it out of boredom more than anything else. Phone Post

Calm down there son.....


Sonnen has a TakeDown Accuracy % of only 60


Weidman has a TakeDown Accuracy % of 72  (GSP is 1st with a 78% rate) - Weidman needs a few more to qualify and be 3rd best of all time...







Sonnen has better TD's and GnP than Weidman. Weidman has better standup - that's it.

Come to think of it Weidman is a poor mans Silva when it comes to striking, a poor mans Sonnen when it comes to TDs and GnP and a poor mans Hendo when it comes to knockout power. Jack of all trades master of none.

Silva makes Weidman look stupid and ends the fight whenever he wants. Phone Post

Chael has better TD's and GNP than Weidman?

2/8/13 9:31 AM
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1000% guarantee if he doesn't fix that straight back with hands down he is getting ko'd again like Weidmann caught him. He also dives in with jab and that lead leg is there to be chopped down. Just my 2 cents Phone Post

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