Crw -
Delightone - I dont pay shit for all SKY content i have all channels.

It only cost me €250 and i got a dreambox HD, dish,4lnb's,switcher,cables,and a year subscription for SKY UK, SKY GERMANY, SKY ITALY, DUTCH Package,french package, arab package, polish package, and a shitload of other shit.

Have look at your local sattelite shop, ask for a dreambox HD800, and a cardsharing subscription. Phone Post
Sounds good , is it reliable ? Years ago I had a chipped NTL Box , apart from reprogramming the card every 6 months or so it was a dream . Phone Post 3.0
You dont need a card, its all based on software you only need an internet conection.

Simply said you pic up encrypted channels with your sattellite dish and get your encription keys from the server you subcribe on via internet and they come together in your dreambox bam!!! Full HD pay channels on your screen at a junkie price Phone Post