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2/11/13 3:09 AM
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"I'd put the number of fights Sonnen has left at two, and then he can retreat to his FOX dek job where he belongs."

Chael should go to WWE.
2/11/13 3:17 AM
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raf_269 - 

Chael seems to be accepting defeat already. Seeing as he was beat soundly by Silva, and than saying Jones is "considerably better", even he's giving himself zero shot at beating Bones. I figured Chael to be the last person to say, "I may go down". He's kinda taking some anticipation out of this fight.

Just step aside and let's see the Silva-Jones fight lol.

100% agree, he's already pretty much resigned himself to losing to Jones. I think to him it's just a question of how badly he loses, and how much damage he sustains.

I suppose that's good in that Chael isn't completely delusional enough to think he has any chance. But you aren't actually supposed to *say* things that indicate your true feelings of knowing you will lose.

Chael of all people should know that sounding resigned to defeat is not how you sell a fight!

Terrible fight. When Chael is barely even bothering to act like he can win, you know it's bad.

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