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Cletus Redpecker III - Emmit Smith once said that playing a single football game is like being in 10 car wrecks.

Never even felt like I got in a fender bender after playing 18 or 36, even while carrying my own sticks.

And one round of MMA is more brural then a whole game of football

When it comes down to it, if you cut out all the commercials and constant breaks inbetween plays,

football players only spend about several minutes actually doing anything physical during a football game

That "anything physical" is running into each other at full speed. Nope....sport for pussies apparently.

*le sigh*

Most football players on the field will go hard for one 5-10 second play.

Then they will go sit on the bench, and wont come back for the next play until about 5 minutes later

Football games only contain several minutes of actual play time

Go look it up

Soccer is much more demanding

LO mutha fuckin L.

Have you ever played any sport at any level?

Soccer players are the biggest lot of pussies of ANY sport. Fucking flopping all over the field trying to draw penalties 'n shit. I like soccer and still feel this way.

Fuckin' basketball players, floppin' to draw the charge! PUSSIES I CALL THEM.

Fuckin' wideout's and cornerbacks droppin' at contact tryin' to draw dat PI.


Selective bias, it's a bitch amirite?

I am a fan of every sport at varying levels.

Flopping in ANY sport is a bitch move. But soccer players take it to a WNL. Shin on shin is never cool, but quit rolling around on the ground and crying like a little girl. Get up and play the fuckng game.