Whoa, didnt know about Souwer training with Aldo.

That said, do any of the top Japanese boxers, kickboxers, karate guys cross train with the top JMMA fighters?

Was watching One FC and the Filipino guys looked pretty good in both boxing and kickboxing, just not as much grappling level yet. One guy was working BJ Kojima over until he got caught in a guillotine.

Japan actually has quite a few top boxers and even more world champs (title holders) last i checked than the Phillipines, a legit amount of notable kickboxers and kyokushin/seido guys but seems it hasnt translated to JMMA striking much at all.

Btw, have the Fight Network now so been seeing lots of Glory and Showtime of late. Say a Yamamoto at 63kg who won in one show against a Portugese guy....