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2/15/13 12:39 AM
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Here is another question to anyone who is reading this.  Why are there no threads about this fight? (other than this one) It’s coming up in few days and it’s for interim title. We see bunch of Machida/Henderson ,Rousey/Carmouche, and even some fights that are MONTHS away like Cain/Bigfoot or some fights that aren’t even set up yet and speculative like Maia/whoever.
Is it because it’s a Bantamweight?
Consider how many fans Machida/Hendo have combined compared to these two and that's why. Phone Post

Yes.  I agree with you. But consider this:
What weight class is Machida/Henderson in? Light Heavy Weights.
What weight class is Barao/McDonald in? Bantam Weights.
Which goes back to my original point.  So we are saying the same thing.

The weightclass has no bearing on fighter popularity outside of it being a new division. Both fighters have not been in the UFC very long, so it's a bit of a different thing than Machida and Hendo, who have been around forever.

Disagree. LHW is a way more popular division than bantamweight. Phone Post

I actually think you guys are in an agreement more than you guys think. Just that you guys are looking at it from different direction but actually coming to the same point when you think about it.
 Machida/Hendo are more popular because their weight classes have been around way longer than bantam weights. (what jockstrap is saying.).
Therefore, LHW is more popular at this point than BW (what NotImpressedByYourScreenName is saying)

I still think intrinsically, heavier weight classes will ALWAYS be more popular than lower weight classes but hopefully

....lighter weight classes will get more attention with the right promoting.

It got cut off for some reason. Weird huh.

2/16/13 6:46 PM
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nailed it!

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