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3/10/13 10:19 AM
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Edited: 03/10/13 10:22 AM
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Tomato Can - Surely you've forgotten Josh Barnett? I'd think he's the #1 non-UFC HW by far. I'd probably put Volkov and Grabowski over Kharitonov as well.

LW #4-10 have some very mediocre names on there. Weichel, Kotani, and Boku are essentially C-listers at this point. No clue how you could put them over guys like Rickels and Cobb who actually have recent high quality wins.

Shamahalaev is WAY better than some of those guys on the FW list.

Ueda recently lost to a guy that isn't in your top 10 yet he's #5?

The flyweight division is awful. Sampo should probably be #1 but he's not even ranked. No Banuelos, no Vila?

You are giving a ridiculous amount of preference to guys fighting in small Asian promotions that cannot provide quality competition. Being champ of Pancrase or ONE or ZST is essentially meaningless.

Good comments

Barnett will be ranked when we know for sure he doesn´t sign with UFC, he will be #1. Kharitonov will drop if he doesn´t get a big win soon. Shamahalaev should be higher than the contenders at FW, I agree about that. Sampo  will rise through the rankings rankings. Lopes will also rise.

3/10/13 12:46 PM
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