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3/13/13 6:18 PM
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Hmm. I didn't ever hear Vera's take, could be the reason why.

3/13/13 6:46 PM
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I don't suppose anyone can get this video to work? The description is... intriguing, to say the least:

Description : Ed O'Keefe and Mr. X (aka Lloyd Irvin) teach Dentists to get #1 Rankings in search engines. Cosmetic Dentistry Fort Washington Maryland|Dentist Ft Washington MD

"aka Lloyd Irvin" is the site's description, not mine.

I'm pretty sure it's just a portal and the original video is long gone, but still, this is interesting. The Ed O'Keefe in question does not appear to be the Washington Post reporter, despite the DC connection. He appears to be a marketing guru or something for dentists. There's plenty of video of him doing sales pitches and he's a much younger guy than the reporter.

Anyway, and internet search combining "Ed O'Keefe" and "Mr. X" but there was a malware-listed site as the top search result (not linking it in case it really does have malware as I could get fucking banned for that). It's a marketing page that's laid out _very_ familiarly, and describes "Special Guest Mr. X"

More blurbs:

Special Bonus: The Google
Hi-Jack Method
I met Mr. Ninja at a private, invite-only, Mastermind In San Antonio Texas. He's a young guy, who spends half his time skiing and meeting girls, while the other half of the time figuring out how to make a boatload of money beating all the search engines.

Mr. Super Ninja will show you the most cutting edge tool that he created to get traffic from Google, Yahoo, & Bing. You'll see how this simple little tool will 100% Guarantee people will click on YOUR Name when searching for the Dentist in your town.

This is so lethal to your competitors that Mr. X is ONLY going to show it to a small group.

Plus, Special Guest Mr. X- The Most Ninja Internet Marketer I've Ever Met!

While the description of a "young guy" in San Antonio doesn't really add up, does ANY of this feel familiar? Because if you combine it with the first part, it's pretty fucking funny.

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