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3/18/13 5:08 PM
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PrettyBoy -  This reads very much like Jason Genet's blogs. Phone Post

Well Jason is my manager and we have had many conversations on the matter. LOL maybe his blogs actually sound like mine! JK we share the same views on stuff and though I feel like i write decent my grammar sucks and we both share the same editor. Tell Jason not to copy me haha

3/20/13 11:41 AM
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Ingrained Media
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Edited: 03/20/13 11:41 AM
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The results have value, so saturation, tax etc can't really be offset by the value. Here is a case study from a under $5000.00 spend

The brand had 159 Twitter Followers. They have since grown to 725 Followers. This is a 355% increase in growth over the period of less than 30 days.

The brand on Facebook had 1,724 Likes and 10 people 'Talking About This'. They have since grown to 2,898 Likes. Their 'Talking About This' which are engaged fans has grown from 10 to 1,235. This is a 68% increase in Likes and a 12,250% increase in engagement. In addition, the reach of the page was 1,548 and has since grown to 19,006. This is a 1,127% increase in Reach as well.

Overall the Camozzi push created measurable growth, of which 355% was in Twitter Followers, 68% in Facebook Likes, 12,250% in Facebook engagement and 1,127% in Facebook reach. They were featured in several blogs, they were featured on Camozzi's gear for UFC 158.

The platform is amazing and there is value here. Not if you slap a logo on and send an invoice but if you have a plan the athletes can have an impact.

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