FinestScotch -
KZTT_W85 -  13 mins standing
12 mins on the ground

Why couldn't nick even hurt him??

Gsp is a complete mixed martial artist who dominates his opponents, end of story. Phone Post

Are you on drugs?

GSP could hurt Nick for 25 minutes.

Diaz could hurt GSP for 12 (striking).

Why do they look like this?

Ha! Diaz was never close to hurting gsp in any way.

Faces after the fight are no indication, how long have you been watching combat sports!

Nick had more than half the fight on the feet where he apparently would destroy gsp who only lays and prays yet did nothing.

At any point did it look like Diaz was even close to dropping gsp or wobbling him? NO.

Diaz landed nothing more significant than gsp did on the feet and according to nick gsp hits like a bitch. Phone Post