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3/22/13 6:40 AM
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I know this isn't the right forum per se, but I'm hoping to cast a wider net to get responses from people who have had similar injuries...

About 5 months ago while on patrol I got injured pretty good with a compressed C7 vertebrae. The compressed vertebrae put pressure on a nerve causing all sorts of interesting and painful sensations throughout my chest, upper back/shoulder, and all down my arm on the left side of my body. This obviously stopped my time in the gym cold. During the last 5 months I have had some pretty noticeable atrophy on the injured side, in size, strength, and endurance. I'm not 100% yet as I still feel some tingling a couple times a day, but nowhere near the pain of the first 2 month where I was waking up in tears and only getting about 2 hours of sleep because of it. It also isn't keeping me from my day to day duties and activities anymore. Anyway, I am considering getting back in to the gym going really light and working around my injury. So a couple of questions...

1) For anyone who has had a similar injury, How long did it keep you out and do you have any advice regarding getting back into things?

2) Because of the noticeable atrophy on one side of my body, I'm considering taking some time to work only that injured side to strengthen and build it back up. Would this be advisable or just stupid?

Thanks in advance...
3/22/13 11:03 AM
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You don't have to do extra work for that side it will catch up on it's own.
3/22/13 9:07 PM
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I suffered a prolapse that caused similar symptoms last May. In my case the numbness/tingling was the biggest issue as well as what I estimate to be a 75% loss in strength in the right triceps. After 6 months fairly normal sensation returned but I had noticeable atrophy down one side. I got stuck into gym, what I found was training heavy/for strength was out of the question, symptoms like heat sensation and involuntary spasms would return and I had reduced mobility for days.

Training with intermediate weight, good form, with slow tempo, more reps and going lighter whenever there is a direct vertical load on the spine is what I found to be the best option. This is obviously a traditional hypertrophic/bodybuilding type method. I went from only ever using free-weights to using them in the first half of workout then increasing the weight to a challenging level only on cables and machines. I never trained one side over the other.
I know this goes against what most people in sport-specific training do but I no longer have any visible atrophy and have put on serious mass. I am however no where near as strong as before in any pushing moment. That cannot be helped.
Attempting to roll has also led to serious setbacks and pain. Striking pads and bags however has been fine. I have also found short sprints and (light) complexes to be fine. Best of luck. Phone Post

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