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"and yea i better believe it if firaz said it.he has no connection to gsp what so ever.get real guy.what about the other fights he had there?if they were doing the same thing then,why did they decide to tell him this time and not those times?"

If they didn't tell his opponents the previous times, but supposedly did tell GSP, why did they tell Nick this time?

"and also please tel me why you think that this is all about gsp any way. hardly the issue at hand"

Because you said it's a big problem if someone competed there without their opponent being informed at the same time they were -- which, as far as we know, has never taken place.

"you make no sense if you really understand what you just typed rt here."

No, you don't understand. Neither the promotion's nor the AC's rules specify the tolerances to be used for official weights. 

i never said they told him and didnt tel his opponents the other times...never.didnt even imply it one bit.just asked a few question to which you gave no answers.

someone does not equal gsp.others did and have fought on the cards where they decided to do the weigh-in how they wanted to with out informing anyone.and those participants may or may have not known.they may or may not have thought the contract they signed would be followed like every other contract they signed with that same promotion rt down to the way the weigh-in weight is read out on the scale they agreed to use.

other wise maybe they would have put that in the contract and the commission there im sure would have obliged since they try to accommodate which ever promotion is holding the event according to most.

they might have to go back and "specify" a few rules in case someone wants to play semantics for the purposes of loving a fighter,hating a fighter or just to win a argument.most of the time none of those purposes take logic or facts into account.