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4/7/13 9:57 AM
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I'm an old geezer and trying to incorporate pull and chin ups into workout. My gym has graviton weight assisted pull up which isn't too bad; however, I seem to remember years ago seeing a device that gradually builds your pulling power by starting almost horizontal and then you can raise the incline and end at 90 degrees. Has Taku or anybody else ever seen this?

It had a board that was on a roller attached to the frame. It was similar to the total gym but the elevation goes higher and your head goes to the ceiling as opposed to the floor as it does in the total gym.
4/7/13 11:33 AM
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Can't say I know that machine, but you don't need one to do such a progression.

First, start off with Body Rows.  Hang from something solid like a bar in a rack or a Smith Machine.  (Hey...finally, a good use for a Smith Machine!  lol)  Adjust the exercise such that you can do reps correctly.  The higher the bar is from the ground, the easier the exercise will be.  Eventually, lower the bar such that you're not far off the ground at full extension.  

At that point, you can put your feet up on a bench to increase the resistance.  The higher your feet, the harder they will be.

Now, if you have access to a suspension trainer (TRX, rings, Blast Straps, Lifeline Jungle Gym, etc), start using that instead of hanging from something solid - it will make the exercise more difficult.

At the same time, start including actual chins/pullups into your program.  Chins (palms facing you) or using a nuetral grip would likely be the best way to start as these are usually the variations in which you're the strongest.  Try to do as many reps as you can for a few sets.  If you can't do full reps, pull yourself up as high as you can and repeat until you can no more.  So you might pull for a full rep, then another full rep, then only 3/4 of the way up, then only 1/2 of the way up, then only a few inches, then you won't be able to pull yourself up at all.  That's one set.  Do this 2-4x.  

Depending on how many reps you're getting that way, feel free to add a few negatives (step up into the top position of a Chin and lower yourself slowly).

You can probably do all this 2x/week.

Keep trying to improve in every area (there won't be any one "set" way to progress - just try to keep improving) and you'll soon find yourself being able to do Chins.

Now I don't know how much of an issue this is, but if you need to lose some weight, this would obviously help, too.

Hope that helps.

Wiggy - http://www.workingclassfitness.com/newsletter

4/7/13 9:59 PM
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Thanks Wiggy!

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