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Fletch - 
HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe -  I seriously doubt the vote downs were because of this thread. Phone Post

haha, more likely the "Aoki is LW GOAT" thread. In fairness there's 4,000 words defending that opinion, it wasn't just a trolljob :)

@Grappling Girl - that's cool! You've got pretty good "early UFC" credentials haha... Pardoel & Leninger, UFC's jiu jitsu rep and UFC III's judo rep! :-)

Lol Fletch-- You have no idea. I have trained with and hung out with so many old school UFC guys it isn't funny!! Funny story about Remco. I was rolling with him one day & he got me side mount. Mind you I was about 140-145 & her was 285-300ish. He looks as me and starts cracking up saying "I am two of you, you can't get out" I was like you are more than two of me get off lol

haha I can imagine. I feel like a small child next to him, and I'm 5'10" and 73kg  :-)

Don't worry, no shame in being trapped under Remco (rolling). I just rolled with Ray Elbe's protégé kid in Phuket who is a 60kg teenager (132lbs-ish) and he twisted me like a pretzel without breaking sweat  :-)