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4/16/13 4:33 PM
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This is just basically, a "thoughts and discussion" thread.

For me personally, my weight, shape and performance fluctuates, but I know why.
Mainly cause I'm inconsistent, my diet can be terrible sometimes, my sleeping patterns are far from perfect etc etc.

When I have a good session, I can walk out feeling like 1000 dollars, but I may have only say, one good session a month.

I feel if I could maintain consistency and workout like this say, 3 times a week, maintain the diet, good full recovery from a perfect full restful sleep everytime, I could really get myself into tremendous shape.

Currently, I mean, I feel I'm okay.
I'm in alright shape, but I know it's only a fraction of my potential.

Anyways, on that note, you know, I see some guys come into the gym also, and it's obvious they're trying.
They want to get in shape but, they just don't seem to have it in them to put up the heavy weights.

What makes the difference between guys who can really get in top shape and guys who struggle?

Is it a lifestyle thing?
I mean, logically, that might play a part but, it can't account for it entirely.

You could argue it's a diet thing but, again, how does that account for will power/motivation?

A mentality thing?
Personally, I think this is closer to the mark.

Anyways, just feel free to input your thoughts....
4/17/13 12:34 AM
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When I first started lifting consistently I thought the same things and now I've come to realize.
It is a lifestyle thing
It is a mentality thing.


It's a dedication thing.

If you REALLY want it.. You have the put in the work. which of course includes Proper food intake, proper routine, and proper rest.

Once your really dedicated this all become second nature. It becomes less of a burden and more like a privilege knowing that you can put in the work and each day your a bit closer to your goals, then you set new goals.

Lol that's about it IMO. I just read what I was writing and it was looking to much like an empowering speech and for some reason i thought of morgan freemans voice reading all of that so I'm just gonna quit now. Phone Post 3.0
4/17/13 4:15 AM
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Edited: 04/17/13 4:16 AM
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Genetics play a huge part. That often sounds like a cop out excuse for people but its true. Some guys are just not meant to excel at athletics.

That said, I believe most people can make huge gains with their strength and fitness. As KILLALL says, its dedication, coupled with intelligent training. You don't even have to push yourself that hard to see results, you just have to put the time in.

Most men should be able to work to a point where they can bench press 200lbs. Some guys will scoff at that number, some will be in awe of it. I think a 200lb bench is definitely stronger than your average person yet its achievable by even smaller, weaker guys if they work at it.

I think just about anyone who doesn't have a disability can get their RHR under 50 but few people have the dedication (or inclination) to spend hours on cardio.
4/17/13 8:24 AM
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I think EGO is a big part of it. I see so many people come in to the gym and try to work with weight that is far too heavy for them. They throw 225 on the bar and start doing reps where they only go half way down and then on the way back up their spotter yanks it up. Same goes for squatting and other movements. Shitty technique with heavier weights is more common than great technique with lighter weights.

Case in point deadlifts and pullups. Two of the best movements you can do in the gym, but how many people actually do them? Barely any. Why? Because they are hard to cheat on without looking like a dick. Many gym goers are more interested than looking strong or in shape than being strong or in shape.

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