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4/22/13 2:42 PM
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Vulva Fabulous
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Ten eight round -
Vulva Fabulous - I saw the towel throw. It didn't bother me one bit. Let's be honest here. Nate has been in MANY battles. He still has a great record, he's young, and Thompson isn't some rookie nobody wrestler with pillow fists. He's a bad man in multiple disciplines.

Just before Diaz's corner threw the towel in, Nate was in an extremely dangerous and vulnerable position, and unless Thompson decided to switch gears and go for a rear naked choke and sink it in until Nate was unconscious, I honestly feel that Nate would've let the beating continue and never tapped....that's just how he is.

With that being said, I'm happy that his corner called an end to the fight. Nate Diaz is a throwback, he's a warrior and he will also live and fight another day.....and part of the reason is that his corner threw in the towel before the damage became much worse. The fact that everybody knows how tough Nate probably contributed to the level of viciousness on Thompson's part because Thompson knew what he was up against, and Diaz's corner knew what Thompson was capable of.

So, to put it in simpler terms, Diaz's corner knew at that point that Nate couldn't win the fight barring a miracle sub/KO after getting out from under the position he was in.....that or if Thompson did something really fucked up and got DQ'd.

I'm sure most people here know I'm not a Diaz nut hugger, but I am a fan of both. Those laughing are probably the same ones that would tap out the exact moment that they felt they didn't have a chance. There's nothing wrong with your corner throwing in the towel. They are trying to prevent any damage that could potentially be career changing or life threatening. That's also part of their job.

I'm sorry, I just don't see the humor of a fighter's corner protecting himself against his own bravado.

Congrats to BOTH fighters for simply having the balls to simply get in the cage. I will never over what happened in that fight. Phone Post
Nate's record is 16-9 isn't it? Not that great.
Thompson's is what 20-5?
Did no one else expect this beatdown to happen? Even after Josh beat Gil, who Nate claims in the best LW there is. Phone Post
I guess great wasn't the right word for some, but I have no problem using it. Look who he's fought and beaten, and who has beaten him.

A winning record in MMA when you've been in the UFC for years is great IMO.

People will be quick to call Randy great, but if you base it on numbers only, then you're doing a disservice to the fighter.

I stand by my post. I feel I was fair. Phone Post
4/22/13 2:52 PM
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I am one of the first to criticize the Diaz bro antics but I have also said their is no shame in Nick throwing in the towel. He knows his brother and knew he was done. No shame in throwing in the towel. And no shame in tapping to strikes when you are beat either imo. Although Beltran didn't see the towel so it had no bearing on him stopping it he moved in to stop it right as the towel landed behind him.

4/22/13 3:46 PM
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Fa ra ra ra ra ra
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ChaosOverkill -

Didn't Nick make a big deal out of GSP being a pussy for tapping to strikes? Oh the Irony

That, I guess would be a point for of Nate? He didn't tap they had to throw in the to well because he wouldn't quit. Phone Post
4/22/13 7:40 PM
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"Can anyone think of another time a towel was thrown in the UFC?"
Cabbage vs Tim Sylvia

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