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4/22/13 8:18 PM
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Demolition Man
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Taz Styles - 
Sajite - not representative
well, representative of the worst par of yiquan

here you got better Yiquan:

Some taikiken (Yiquan's japanese version)

Royama form Kyokushinkai:

Jiseido (strongly influenced by taikiken and yiquan)

nothing to do with the flying guys in the OP


lmfao at those tests, human mind can't be that powerful if people fall for this stuff.
4/22/13 8:35 PM
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These people are irresponsible scumbags. His students are going to walk around with a false sense of confidence and perhaps go to places they shouldn't and do thing in a situation based on their false belief that they can do the things their sifu has taught them. If one of the students does something stupid and gets hurt or killed, the sifu should be punished as an accomplice.

On a side note, you can see what people will do in the name of a "god." They believe they are being jolted and thrown about because they worship that sifu. What's the remedy to being jolted and thrown around? Non-belief in bullshit. 

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