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4/26/13 8:46 AM
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SKARHEAD - You guys are funny....In a sport where Chris Leben w/ his slow sloppy windmill punches is a dangerous "star" and Junior Dos Santos w/ his low D level boxing became a VERY dominant UFC champion (beating killers and ex champs including Cain himself)suddenly someone like Tyson Fury doesn't have a hope in any kind of a fight.....Let this guy get a year of training and he PLOWS through JDS and Mark Hunt just for starters. If he develops any kind of a base/takedown defense he could pretty much own the division.


Let me guess...


Later on you're going to go on NBA forums and talk about how Shaq isn't half the competitor that the world champion of HORSE is, given how poor he was at freethrows.

I'm sure all that HORSE champion would have to do is develop a good layup and drive to the net to be a better player than Shaq was.

Leben is actually a great example. Throw a few pro-boxers in there with Leben and see how they fare.  Hell make Leben's whole career from this point forward fighting boxers that come over.  My guess is after 5 fights, his record would improve by 5-0.


Leben would choose to stand.

Which negates any advantage he has by being a "complete" fighter and as such he would get kayoed.

Leben vs Silva alone proves how he would rather stand and trade.

If Leben would look for takedowns it could change but look at Leben's career and show me when he tried to be a complete fighter over standing and throwing leather.

Leben is a bad example. His ego would implore him to stand which would get him crushed.

I feel the two are different sports because, THEY ARE.

If they weren't different sports they would just be called "fighting" and take place in a Thunderdome cage.

I think a fool suggests a boxer wrecks any MMA fighter but it's just as ignorant to suggest an MMA fighter would somehow wreck every boxer.

There are probably a few NFL lineman who could wreak havoc on the UFC heavyweight division.

Does that make football better?


It's just big, athletic guys with strength, coordination and most have wrestled in high school so it's not like they've never grappled.

I don't get why everyone gets so personal with boxing and MMA.

The same men who clown on religious zealots act like them when you bring up boxing vs MMA.

Relax everyone.

Couture beating James Toney did as much for MMA over boxing as OJ Simpson being found not guilty gave black people a prize as Chris Rock once said in a bit. Phone Post

I suppose it's correct that Leben might try to stand and throw with them, but if he didn't he'd win. If you're correct, my guess is it wouldn't last more than one fight, Leben has enough grappling skill that he'd win, and a boxer that didn't have a previous backround simply wouldn't have enough time in 6 months or a year to get to the level where he'd be able to defend against him.

  You're assuming I said some things I didn't.  I did not for example, say that any MMA fighter would beat any boxer, independent of the boxers level of prep.  What I did say is MMA is a more complete fighting sport.  I believe Leben would most likely win against boxers placed in the ring against him.  I also think that if Fury gets in the cage with Cain, Cain would beat him like a drum.  It would look like the Bigfoot fight, only in fast forward.

I'm also not disputing the fact they are different sports, what I'm saying is that MMA is a more complete fighting sport, and there are no set of skills you could bring from boxing that would be banned in MMA... that's not true the other way around... pretty sure if you double legged your opponent and started dropping elbows on him you would be disqualified.

You're stating the obvious...but styles make fights and Leben would try t stand....and go down in flames.
4/28/13 2:54 AM
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I love boxing and, yes, Jose would beat the 6'9" 260lbs. Fury.

He would take him down and submit him.

Years ago Gil Castillo (170lbs journeyman fighter) submitted 250lbs. John McLaughlin from the tampa bay bucs over and over again in a closed door grappling challenge match. And Steve had a wrestling background...


there was no striking in that video.

Mayhem vs Stefan Gamlin (365lbs) who had actually traned UFC before..

Yes....because fighting pro football players w/ zero combat experience or striking is the same as fighting Fury...EXACTLY !!!

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