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We are literally less than a year away from the possible biggest MMA super fight of all time. What in the unlikely event that Chris comes out on top of Anderson? There goes the $ the UFC will be hoping for and there goes the hopes and dreams of the MMA fan.



if Weidman wins he will immediately be mounted on top of the maddest hype train there has ever been for anyone since 400-0 Rickson

at the same time, he will have to do it all over again because sure as fuck there will be an immediate rematch. The rematch would sell mega PPV. Not like AndersonvsGSP/Jones but enough to ensure that nobody cries too much to the bank
I don't know about immediate. If Weidman finishes him silva would probably have to win one fight before a rematch.

Hughes and Liddell didn't get immediate rematches in the past and both were big names and dominant champs. Phone Post 3.0

true but Anderson is a multiple record-breaker, multiple record-setter blue chip-sponsored key to a fucking enormous market; Weidman isnt 5% of that and i would lay a pound to a penny that unless Weidman walked in, called him a faggot and banged him out in two minutes, the rematch would be immediate

hughes liddell didnt, frankie edgar did...