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5/9/13 11:43 AM
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“I don’t really look into things crazy. That’s not really were my focus is,” Weidman responded when asked if he took the missed obligations as a sign of disrespect.

“But I did do a lot of travelling for this (media obligations).  I did go to L.A. for three days. I went to Toronto. I went to Montreal and did media for that.  I was at the Newark fights (UFC 159). I’m here in Vegas for a couple of days.

“I’m taking time out of my training and my family work to be here. But I’m not going to judge Anderson and compare him to me, but I’m doing it and he should too.”

The missed responsibilities and subsequent fine came as a surprise to many pundits and fans, alike.  Even for Weidman, who tends to limit his exposure to all the “he-said, she-said” talk that floats around, the news came as a surprise. He was in Southern California at the time, scheduled to shoot promos with Silva.

After hearing of Silva’s mistake, for a brief moment, the usually low-key 28-year-old thought about hitting social media and going “Sonnen” on Silva.

“(When I first heard) I thought, I wonder if I should go on Twitter and bust some balls and do something crazy or do I just kind of let this one slide or wait for people to come to me for interviews,” he said.

With the social media landscape safe from any Weidman tirades – for now – the Matt Serra-Ray Longo product reiterated that, although he may not sit atop the same pedestal as Silva, he’s still a professional.


“I’m not in Anderson Silva’s situation,” stated Weidman.

“I haven’t defended the belt 11 times in a row, and I haven’t dealt with as much media as he has; but it’s a part of your job no matter how big you become.”

Weidman was quick to use another famous face to make his point.

“Look at Lebron James,” he said in reference to James’ Miami Heat being upset by the Chicago Bulls in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals on Monday.

“The guy looses one game – what’s he lost two games out of 42 or 43 or something like that – he looses one game and he’s at his locker with cameras in his face, ‘Oh, tell me why this team is so good right now.’ He has to start talking good about a team he just lost to.

“No one wants to do that, but you still have to. He doesn’t want to, but he does it.”

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