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5/9/13 4:12 PM
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I'm just gonna hit send.....I apologize in advance for the convoluted style / nature...I wrote this over 45 minutes? and I jumped around between paragraphs/ ideas...but this is something I've been thinking about for the fighters...and something BIG the UFC could do to make a HUGE difference...in company fighter relations/PR in general really.

I was writing this in response to a post about Rich Franklin's legacy..or something..and it high rambled into something else..soo...

here's the deal..

In light of recent cuts...like Garcia..and thinking of guys like Joe Stevenson etc...dudes that GAVE to us...AND to the UFC....I'd love to see the UFC help these guys monetize their UFC legacies and storys...they DESERVE it. ...

Guy like Leonard..and Fitch...and Cerrone ...and Baroni etc etc...they CANT do this forever..and I think the entire MMA community...can help support a NEW kind of retirement for MMA fighters. Right now..its like young females..models...you have a career..fucking HOPE you "make" it..ala...GDP (shad/mo crew)...and hope you don't damage yourself permanently from it...

Hell guys like JENS ..fucking NEED us...because WE and his family and friends are ALOT of what a guy like that has to work with..most infact. The UFC can help...offer the Jens fight library..and a biography...for 100 bucks even as a blu ray...ID pay that if I KNEW that was part of the new "UFC former fighter retirement initiative"

Do you know what I mean?

They deserve it...imagine the money on the table for a guy like Chuck? Even split 50/50 fighter/UFC, (production costs get cheaper with scale etc..and the "cost" to the company..I think balances out when you see a fight like Nog v Mir II..and the UFC's production cost would ostensibly be covered by THEIR 50% of the proceeds of sale...) I don't think fighters could complain...create a new revenue source from a cool community.


Who the fuck DOESN'T want to see a decent budget doc on Shonie Carters MMA Career/Life? The Russian epic..ALONE..the UFC could shoot Shonie telling THAT story..and sell it as a 99 cent download at UFC .com..and SPLIT it...at leat Shonie is making money..AND the UFC...you know? Real partner ship where NO ONE loses. The UFC is protected if a fighter goes of the rails and they have a library..because they arent responsible for what grown as men choose to do..so...

really I don't see a down side.....

The rest is the post from earlier


They need to film a doc about Franklin and his storyline....the UFC should get behind this because THAT content does great numbers on TV...ala the Iceman Tito feud shit etc...and I really liked the biography on Hughes for instance..that was BRILLIANTLY done. So wouldn't it be cool if the UFC got behind a Rich Franklin doc called "The Man Who WOULD Be King."

Which is, incidentally, is how I hope history remembers Rich....unfortunately for him...the greatest fighter to ever live....was ready to turn shit on..when he was champ...but look at what Franklin DID...that fight with Chuck was LEGIT. THAT Liddell..that night would have given the Jones of TODAY problems...IFFF..IF he could still take a punch like when he was young. Franklin beat THAT guy at 205...AND a legend like Wanderlei..etc etc. He absolutely deserves all respect, and should be remembered for his career and professional conduct. When was the last "Franklin" scandal? You know?

PLEASE consider more of tht kind of content dana...THAT shit...if its financially successful...as a "series"...then dude...you can do a solid for EVERY MAJOR FIGHTER that retires....and shoot the docs for them...company gets cash from tv content/ad time/contractual obligation fulfillment etc.....and the fighters have a 1 hour "business card" for opening up their OWN "post-UFC" lives/gyms.


But really...this seems like a win all around.

Fans get great content.
LIKE a "Rich Franklin" doc called "The Man Who WOULD Be King" or something like that

The UFC HAS more content to push that will pull GREAT numbers (in light of recent FOX move..this is the kind of thing the UFC should be looking into....you guys know this..but really...I think the fan community could seriously help..to EVERYONES benefit) and have solid Blu-Ray sales if marketed/packaged properly...(HOF Series.) (market and monetize individual fighter libraries...even those guys no longer active..if FANS want to buy the career and any substantial bio content...why not monetize?.)

(PM if you need help with an idea...or you have questions)

PS...I like physics...particularly the gravitational influences of massive bodies on space/time "fabric." No..really.

Ramble ramble...
5/10/13 11:25 PM
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