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5/22/13 2:46 AM
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GregBell -
Mic the Tapper - It should be like any other job. At least minimum wage a year. Regardless of the number of fights you have. Like a retainer. Then performance/win bonuses. Phone Post 3.0

Ufc could do it ....IFL tried it with pretty deep pockets and failed
The IFL had insufficient income for their business model. They were expecting it to catch on but obviously it did not. I'm sure if they became the MMA mainstay they would have been able to sustain their fighter pay.

The problem is from all accounts the UFC seems to be putting a significantly smaller percentage of their total gross towards salaries when compared to other sports. when you factor in them taking a significant portion of the sponsorships and it makes it even harder for a fighter to get a decent payday.

It's at a point where lower level guys who have already made it to the UFC (which is supposed to be the big league) cannot get by on their salary. When you factor in training, guys like Cholish actually lost money. That doesn't exactly inspire new talent to get into the industry. You don't want this to end up like a tough man competition with garbage men fighting bouncers.

The UFC can take several routes: increased minimum pay, an annual salary, at least paying a training stipend so fighters don't have to split their meager earnings with their trainers. Phone Post 3.0
5/22/13 3:07 AM
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IFL model was flawed no doubt but they had deep pockets and backers thats how they stayed around for those 2 years and treated their fighters pretty good...I dont remember any of the tokyo rather compton sabres :) complaining about fighter pay vladdy, mckee, savant etc looked pretty happy there until the end imo.
5/22/13 6:12 AM
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time traveling 12er
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First of all I think we need to stop comparing it to other sports. In most organized sports the athlete is expected to be away from home and work for their money 9+ months out of the year. A fighter can fight from home and train and live anywhere they want. They also have the time an opportunity to make money when they're out of training camp. We can't really compare a fighter to a team sport athlete who realistically has maybe 2-3 months off the whole year when they're not working directly for their money. Most top level athletes even spend that time on promotional tours so really the time is even less. People like to make the comparison and just pick and choose what they like to make their point and it's really not helpful and usually pretty stupid when you think about it.

Also we can't just make this a Zuffa thing. If we say only Zuffa has to pay the minimum then we're pretty much admitting that Bellator is just a lower tier org with b-list fighters. All the big orgs with big money backing them need to make sure fighters get paid. Any org with a tv contract should be expected to hold to the minimum. Obviously small regional shows without tv contracts should be on a different scale.

What's the point of organizing if it's just to make Zuffa pay out while everyone else not there gets hosed. If Zuffa is forced to pay more, they'll cut fighters to make the money work, and those cut fighters will end up not being able to feed their children off of the meager money from orgs that don't hold to the minimum. If that's the case then what did unionizing really do but screw over the lower level guys from getting more exposure on a larger stage? It only helps the guys that are good enough to deserve the new minimum and hoses the guys that fall below.

Making most of the money guaranteed doesn't sound like a great idea. I prefer a merit based system. Yeah it sucks when a fighter loses and ends up getting only half his money. But really that's a cup half empty approach. It's really a win bonus for succeeding. I don't get the logic that performance based bonuses somehow hurt the fighter, and that fighters who have already earned their money would fight better then those who have not. Stress hurts them? If that amount of stress is enough to mess you up, MMA might not be the right career for you. Even if we do that, winning always increases how much you make so there will ALWAYS be the specter of lost money hanging over fighters making them psychologically damaged. Unless we go with some socialist pay system where every fighter on every level gets paid the same exact amount regardless of talent, fame, or record. Then truly the weight of the performance bonus would be 100% off the fighters shoulders and all that would be left in the octagon would be budo.

10k seems the most reasonable. But at the same time it's not enough to live off of. Well unless you consider all the other avenues to make money, like the bonuses and having the time and fame to make money other ways. That's 60k if you win your three fights, not even mentioning that usually winning ups your pay anyways.

Part of the issue here might be the perception of what a losing fighter deserves, since they're really the ones that get hit the hardest. (get it? hit the hardest?) Some say that they don't deserve more because they've "failed" at their jobs. But this it's like mcDonalds and you dropped a meat patty on the ground. Stepping in to the octagon is in itself a victory. Even if you lose your fight you did your job. You can't really compare this to say a real estate agent that fails to sell a house. Regardless of the fight outcome, you did your job and generated entertainment for your company to sell advertising on. On the business side of things, the only way you really lose is by putting on a boring fight that no one wants to see. But I guess that's where the performance bonuses come in, in an attempt to make sure the money goes where it needs to go. But is that fair?

Anyways, I don't think I have the energy to collect the rest of my thoughts.
5/22/13 6:28 AM
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BTT-RyannVonDoom -
Tomato Can - People need to let go of this "UFC is the big leagues" idea. In the NBA/NFL/MLB, if you make it there, it basically means you are better than any player who is not in that league. In the UFC this isn't the case. Plenty of guys with UFC contracts are not elite fighters by any stretch of the imagination, and are worse than many fighters signed to other promotions. It's just not an accurate analogy.

Oh really? Then YOU tell Dana White to stop making the analogy that we are using here. Dana's the one who stated they are the NFL of the MMA world. They are the ones who make the claims only the best of the best are in the UFC. Or are you saying that the UFC is bush league and Dana/Lorenzo/MMA media are liars?

Someone just went FULL RETARD!!!! Phone Post 3.0
5/22/13 7:03 AM
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10 & 10 must be reasonable when you consider management fees gym fees medicals etc then supplements coaching and dietician etc there can't be much left after tax. I think you guys that are saying there should be a show,win & finish amount are reasonable if fighters were going all out to finish you would think they have more chance of getting a bonus. Phone Post
5/24/13 5:30 PM
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