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6/7/13 3:57 PM
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Audio MMA Fight Radio UFC lightweight Mitch Clark, Frank Trigg with Joe Riggs Providing Big Laughs

Please check back audio will be posted shortly http://mmafightradio.com

MMA Fight Radio Recurring Guest Co-Host Bellator Fighter Joe Riggs converses with UFC lightweight Mitch Clark


Some of what was said concerning training at THE LAB and Clarks UFC bout against John Maguire at UFC 161: Evans vs. Henderson. June 15, 2013 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada airing live on PPV:

Clark: The camp itself, it’s got everything you need in terms of coaching, training partners. It’s a great facility but more than anything it is everone there they build it up to feel like a family I felt welcomed back when I came for this last traiing camp. I have been to some bigger training camps but you do not get that team feeling when you walk in the door. They welcome you in with open arms, everyone helps each other to get better and it has been a great experience. I think I will get a shot at redemption after the last fight.

Riggs: Mitch’s last fight was really close. A lot of people don’t know this but for Mitch’s last fight he had a crazy, crazy girlfriend that kind of gave him an ultimatum right before his fight. It was either her or MMA: Right before the fight.

Clark: I know I have got to go out there and go get a win. More than anything: If you want to start trash talking for no reason, maybe he thinks just because I am not saying anything that I do not take it personally. I don’t really take it personally and get mad. I use it as motivation to train harder.

Just the way he has been talking, I think, he thinks, he is going to walk all over me kind of thing. He thinks he is going to go grab me, throw me on the ground and submit me. I think he is kind of overlooking me a little bit. I am not a small guy. I am one of the bigger one fifty fivers I think. I am basically well rounded. I scramble well and I think I have had one of the best training camps to work with to get ready for him. I am looking to beat him up, make him sad.

I am going to make him respect me after this fight.

“Diesel” seemed to have a private conversation with “twinkle toes” that we were all left out of. Yet something tells me, we will be learning about it in the near future.

A piece of the conversation between Joe “Diesel” Riggs and Frank Trigg:

Riggs: There are a couple of things I want to ask you.

Trigg: Oh God here we go. Somebody get to pitching the violins for Joe.

Riggs: Did you rub your wiener on my pillow?

Trigg: Did I what?

Riggs: Did you rub your genitals on my pillow?

Trigg: On a pillow?

Riggs: On my pillow! The one I slept with. The one I put my face on. Tell me the truth. I can take it.

Trigg: Man, I ain’t got no time for that. I am a grown ass man. You remember that one season of TUF when they were doing inhuman things to other people’s food and all that crap in the house? Man do that to me one time and see what happens. I don’t think anyone should treat anyone like that and I don’t want that done to me.

Riggs: Oh well see that’s good. I shouldn’t have a small prostate but I do. I admit it and my prostate medication was taken one time and I thought it was you. I thought you took it and I was very upset Frank my feelings were distraught.

Trigg: Why would I take your prostate medication? I got my own.

Riggs: Without my prostate medication I start pissing like a sprinkler so if it’s gone I am hurting.


Fernie Garcia is fighting in the main event at Duel for Doination 3 June 29 @ Arizona Event Center

Joshua “Stretch” Medina vs Fernie Garcia Complete fight card: http://www.managemma.com/home/DuelForDomination3?Length=4

Fernie Garcia: I am stoked man.  I am super excited to fight somebody that good. It is a great opportunity for me to show what I have got.

Joe Riggs fought Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch at Duel for Domination’s first event back in Nov. 2011.

Riggs: Duel for Domination started my 5 fight win streak. I love that show Duel for Domination it’s a great show.

The promoter was really good. I had a hard time finding an opponent and he searched diligently.




MMA Fight Radio on NBC Sports Radio Phoenix 1060AM




• MMA Fight Radio is brought to you by Arizona Event Center

• Show hosts include: UFC GYM Glendale, General Manager Scott Lewis & Recurring Guest Co- Host Bellator Fighter: Joe “Diesel” Riggs. Produced by Penny Buffington

• MMA Fight Radio reaches 28,000 monthly cumulative audience.

• NBC Sports Radio Phoenix 1060 AM is one of the top sports stations in the Valley with a reach of 4 million people.

6/12/13 1:05 PM
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Member Since: 2/26/09
Posts: 279
MMA Fight Radio, Co-Owner

Frank Trigg and Joe "Diesel" Riggs continue the conversation: Thurs 6pm pacific time/9pm eastern 6/13


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