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7/1/13 11:39 AM
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Legacy FC 21. I have written four interviews for this card to date (this being my fifth) and, clearly, none of us can get enough. The event has everyone buzzing and has been called, “one of Legacy’s strongest cards to date.” This begs the question: what could possibly be greater than watching a Legacy FC title fight? That’s easy: watching two title fights in one night. 
Enter Angel Huerta, a 6-1 martial arts veteran with a penchant for finishing opponents. On July 19th, Huerta will contend for the Bantamweight championship, a position that has been vacant under the Legacy FC banner since 2011. Standing in his way is Matt “The Crowbar” Hobar [7-1], a Dallas southpaw with a knack for jiu-jitsu and wrestling, who took a loss at Legacy FC 13 solely because his arm was broken. How does Huerta plan on becoming a champion? Read on to find out.
Legacy: Tell me about your experience in the WCL [World Combat League] and with Chuck Norris.
Angel Huerta: Oh, man, that was really cool. I went and tried out in Dallas for the Dallas Dragons and I made the team. I had to spar a couple really tough guys and I guess they liked my style. It happened right around the time when the UFC was starting with the reality show [The Ultimate Fighter], so as soon as that hit, that's when UFC and mixed martial arts exploded. Needless to say, with the WCL, it would have went a lot further had MMA not exploded with the reality show and everything. I thought the concept was really cool, the team concept. I got to meet Chuck Norris a couple times. He's a really nice guy. The whole experience was pretty awesome.
Legacy: Would you have preferred to stay with just kickboxing instead of transitioning to MMA?
Angel Huerta: That's a good question. Actually, I like it, but when you're kickboxing you're fighting other guys that are really good at stand-up. I think I have an advantage over most people that I'll be fighting just because I'm so good at my stand-up. It's a little different; it's not like everybody else. It's not Muay Thai-based and it's not boxing-based. It's kind of point karate-based. People can't catch my rhythm, so I think I have more advantages bringing my stand-up style into MMA more so than if I was fighting other stand-up guys. I prefer MMA, for sure. 
Legacy. Let's talk about your competitor, Matt Hobar. Your only loss was to Nelson Salas, an opponent that Hobar was able to defeat in April at Legacy FC 19. What happened there?
Angel Huerta: What happened was a combination of me cutting 12 pounds in a 24-hour period to make weight (because I thought that that's how I had to do it and then) and on top of that, I dropped him in the first couple seconds of the fight. I saw red at that point. Everything I threw was to knock him out for, like, two minutes straight. It was my first televised fight and I thought, "I'm going to hit this dude with everything and there is nothing you can do about it." The pressure and knowing that the cameras were on, I tried too hard. Mix that with the adrenaline dump, so I had absolutely no energy. I used all of it in two and a half minutes, if that's even possible. I threw a sloppy punch and got taken down and I wasn't able to defend myself.
As much as I say it was all my fault, Nelson took some of my best shots. He was durable and was able to endure everything I threw at him and he ended up winning. You've got to give him credit for that, but honestly, I feel like it was more what I did wrong than what he did right. I learned so much from that [loss]. I changed everything up in my diet, sought out a nutritionist, and trained harder. This time around, I'm going to come out there and do my thing, but I'm definitely going to be more intelligent about it. I'm going to make sure I have him hurt before I really try to blitz him hard. I've learned my lesson.
Legacy: If someone you just met asked you about your opponent and to describe his strengths and weaknesses, what would you say?
Angel Huerta: I would say, "Matt Hobar is a lifelong martial artist. He's done wrestling since he was a kid, just like I've done martial arts since I was a kid. He is a southpaw. He's got decent boxing. He's got great MMA wrestling. He's a very, very good grappler and has brown belt level jiu-jitsu. He likes to push the pace, he's got a lot of heart and he's tough. I don't see too many weaknesses. That will probably be what does him in: his confidence. He probably feels like he's going to take me out; take me down and beat me up." I always visualize my fights and most of the time the visualizations are always the same. Every single fight, they always have turned out exactly how I've visualized it. Even the one where I was beating Nelson up, I visualized exactly how I dropped him. Except at the end of it, he recovered.
Legacy: So how do you see this one?
Angel Huerta: With my hand up in the air wearing a shiny belt. I don't want to give up too much, but I see me finishing him.
7/1/13 11:41 AM
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sly fox
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I actually liked watching the WCL, shoud be a good fight between those two

7/1/13 12:11 PM
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7/1/13 3:02 PM
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