Vitor didn't deserve to fight Jones. Everyone knows that. The Anderson fight he deserved about as much as anyone else at the time, though no one really had a strong case. There were big arguments then about who deserved it more and Vitor was one of the guys in the mix. He fought Rich Franklin at a catchweight to get back in the UFC and get closer to a MW title shot. Franklin didn't want to fight at 185. Remember? That's why they call 195 Franklin weight. Vitor was trying to stay down at MW where he'd been for his previous 2 fights. He's stayed at MW ever since then except for the fight with Franklin, the time Anthony Johnson missed weight, and the title shot with Jones (which damn near any fighter would switch weight classes for). It's pretty clear that Vitor prefers MW these days so if Mousasi wants to fight him he should look there.

LMAO at people thinking Mousasi will destroy Vitor. He's a good fighter, but he hasn't even fought, let alone beat, enough top level guys to have THAT kind of confidence in him. A fight with Vitor seems pretty 50/50 to me.