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"I saw half of it.  He’s a special striker, man.  He’s good.  That knockout was crazy, man.  I think the reason that he landed it was that the kid didn’t have a lot of experience, but he landed it.  It was a credit to him.  He’s a good striker.  I personally think he’s overrated.  People think that he’s like the next world champion.  I don’t think he’s all that yet, but I think he’s good though."

Full quote for anyone still falling for UG Blog's misleading headlines.

There are strict character limitations on UG. The UG Blog has more space and says:

TItle: John Howard tells Jack Brown I personally think Uriah Hall’s overrated
Abstract: "I personally think Uriah Hall’s overrated," said John Howard. "People think that he’s like the next world champion. I don’t think he’s all that yet..."

And even then you cut the part where he says he's still good.

If you have to say something that will make him possibly look bad, why say anything at all?