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8/24/13 6:36 AM
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MisterHawkeMMA - Really hate that he wouldn't admit that he botched the Jones V. Hamill fight.

Although Jones did throw some illegal blows, they are not what caused the stoppage. Hamill's shoulder is what stopped the fight. So, clearly that should've been a victory for Jones... or at the very least a no contest.

Jones should hate Mazzagati more than Dana does. Not having that 0 on the other side of his record has probably cost him a lot of money.
I agree, he possibly ruined what could have been a perfect career for Bones, and maybe it was a bad call, but the fact that to this day he stands by that call is what makes me think he's a complete douche Phone Post
RE it being a 'No Contest' is that not something the camp should have appealed for after the fight? See it happen these days where wins are overturned to a NC because of an illegal foul.

It was so long ago, so I am not sure if that was within the rules back then? Phone Post 3.0


Jones' camp did appeal. It was denied.





I'm a Jones fan, but I agree with notion that the DQ actually takes some pressure off of him. He also learned an important lesson.

With that being said, Mazzagatti's statements in the article seem to indicate that he believed Jones wasn't doing any real damage to Hamill before the 12-6 elbows landed. I'm sorry, but that's comically stupid. Hamill had the living shit beaten out of him before the illegal elbows, which were the last two strikes of the fight, were landed.

Ah there you go then, thanks VU. Denied. Anyway my point was that its not Mazza's responsibilty to overturn it to a NC. He could have called it there in the cage but that is not what he saw or what he believed so he can't call it.

8/24/13 9:43 AM
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I tend to think the "language" barrier was a bigger deal than Mazzagati in causing the mess in the Johes/Hamill fight.

Fitch/Burkman made him look awfully incompetent. Even after Fitch let him go and got up, Mazzagati didn't seem to know what happened. Phone Post 3.0

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