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8/23/13 8:05 PM
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willienugget - You can't have it both ways. You brought the news and you're 'that guy'. Hell yes it's a spoiler. It's one that was out there for everyone to find but you brought it here. Take the good with the bad.

I didn't think she'd win anyway but now we know.

Rin Nakai is undefeated and has been in and out of the top 10 for the last couple of years. Her getting booked against the former #1 fighter in her weight class is pretty damn big news. Do you honestly expect people to ignore Rin's upcoming bout because her opponent was cast on a reality show? That's not fair to Rin or Pancrase.

Not disagreeing. Just saying it was definitely a spoiler and you were the dude that brought it here. It reflects more on Tara for taking a fight. I figure she lost, realized she's never going to be a UFC fighter and said fuck it and fuck them in the process.

I don't think it is anything as dramatic as that.

Tara has had nothing but positive things to say about her experience on TUF, so I doubt she is saying 'fuck' anyone. Plenty of fighters that got bounced on the TUF prelims from this current season and previous seasons have taken fights outside the UFC before the season aired. It is very common. I doubt she is in any trouble with the UFC or that she has any ill will towards them.

I actually think it's more dramatic but I'm wrong often and I see drama in everything. Wow have you ever seen a guy take a fight elsewhere before America got to see him lose on tv? That sounds like a problem. I can think of 'let me bang bro' but we saw him lose on TUF first so hearing about a fight with another promotion was no big deal.

I can think of at least two others from this season alone who are already booked to fight outside the UFC. One of them is fighting on the same card as LaRosa. It has happened every season since they introduced the prelim fights.
8/24/13 11:56 AM
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The UFC does have them under contract, even those that lost on the fight in. Not sure where you see otherwise. Also not sure why this season is any more special in that regard, either. This happens every season when the UFC does fights to get into the house.

8/24/13 12:05 PM
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Steve4192 - 
DanTheWolfman - Guy at Kinkos brought up Rin the other day, I guess all those Pancrase Vids get exposure! lol

What weight is she? Rin vs Amanda Lucus in Japan?

She used to fight at 145 but has moved to 135. That puts her two weight classes below Amanda. To be honest, she should really consider dropping down to 125. Rin is ridiculously wide, but at only 5'1" she is at a massive reach disadvantage against everyone she fights.

Any chance UFC brings Rin into the BW div for their next show in Japan?  Is she a draw or a big name there?  Can she get out of her Pancrase deal? 

Whether or not she is even good enough is up for debate but I could see them giving her an easy fight just to get her on the card in Japan and have an Asian female fighter on the roster.  Couldnt hurt.  Right?

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