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8/25/13 9:50 PM
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Tiresias - 

Derpchop, this is a terribly stupid post.  "The truth" is just that it's possible that he is an asshole?  What kind of crap is that.  It's also possible that he's being controlled by the CIA via mindcontrol.  If I introduce that possibility into the conversation, then what does that make me?  A retarded asshole.  Like you.  The point being, you aren't just talking about possibilities, you're implying something, and then hiding behind "possibility".  Man up you fucking fruit salad.

And your turn-about-is-fairplay response to my saying I hope he finds happiness is beyond assinine.  I obviously meant 'happiness' as whatever that state may be that will allow him to stop getting arrested and stuff.  It was just a convenient label for whatever that would be for him.  And I meant 'judegement' in a very particular way: the way in which someone says "this person is BAD, I have decided it, everything else is irrelevant!"  It is what little people like you, and lots of others on this thread, like to do when someone is down and out.  It's easy, and it's cheap.  I just happen to not like it.  That is the only sense of 'judgement' I was referring to.  Naturally any kind of assessing of the situation we do involves some other kinds of judgement.  Totally beside the point, and a cheap attempt to play with words by you.

Now remember,you are not a hippy, you are not "PC" enough to give a damn what nobody thinks about you, so you better stop getting worked up before you mistakenly reveal your tender, sensitive side.

You have a problem with the fact that I didn't make a definitive enough statement? I said it that way because I don't know him dipshit. Why are you acting like it is okay to assume that I know what is wrong with him now?

The truth is that it is possible. I've said that this entire time and it seems to have just now clicked in your head. But now you are in way too deep into this argument and you are trying to figure out a way to save face.

Get over yourself, you didn't read my comments properly, you jumped to conclusions, and you ended up dead wrong about what I was saying. Admit that you had no idea what was going on until a second ago and move on with your life.

I'm amazed that someone who was just calling me out for being judgmental is still trying to give me shit for talking about possibilities rather than jumping to conclusions like you did when you called Mayhem unhappy. You are a fuckin goofball, deal with it and walk away from your computer.

I'm not playing with words at all. I took the words you wrote and interpreted them the way they were wrote. You were preaching that he is unhappy. That's total horseshit because you aren't inside his head. You are full of shit. Happiness does not equal not getting arrested shithead..... Holy fuck your logic is flawed...

I have to restate how shocked I am that you don't see how your argument has caved in on itself already. Give it up and move on, you have nothing left here to say.

Giving me shit for talking about possibilities with someone I don't know is beyond moronic. How am I supposed to talk about him in any other way? I don't fucking know him.

I wasn't at any point implying anything either. I was saying that maybe he is an asshole because a bunch of people kept acting like he was this poor guy with an illness that needed help. I threw some balance in there by saying that maybe he is just an asshole and you couldn't handle it because you are some preachy douche who wants to feel like some super considerate moralist. Give me a fuckin break dude. Get over yourself.

In this post you just made you are trying to give me shit for being very specific in the words I chose and you are also trying to evade responsibility for the words that you chose..... It should be clear to you just with that alone that you are a goofball. Man up and stand behind what you said and deal with what I said for what it is. Instead of doing that, you are right now trying to blur both sides of the argument. This is a cheap tactic to save face and it's too late. Your comments have been documented. Own up to them for fuck sakes, this is pathetic to watch.

You are a clown and nothing more. Learn to read, learn to rationalize, learn to mind your own fucking business, and don't try to tell people they are unhappy because they are doing something that you don't agree with.
8/25/13 10:29 PM
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Pigslop, get a grip on yourself.  This is painful to watch.  I am not discussing this any further with you because I don't want to be responsible for causing any further damage to your clearly strained psyche.  If you still need to talk about your feelings, see if anyone is available to rap with you at the hippie commune after the drum circle is over.

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