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10/5/13 2:10 PM
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Outlaw'd by Lytle
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TheRealMrBeefy -
Outlaw'd by Lytle -
TheRealMrBeefy -
Outlaw'd by Lytle - Has anyone heard from Sean?

Regardless of the outcome of this fight he's achieved far more than 99% of people who post here. Phone Post 3.0
I seriously doubt that buddie. He has achieved more than most people here just because he is an MMA fighter? LOL

I love the sport and respect the fighters that sacrifice so much for our entertainment, but they aren't better than us as people just because they fight professionally. You sound pathetic.

Pull Porky's fat gassed out prick from your mouth. Don't worry, he will be on here soon enough to make fun of himself to make everyone feel bad for him. Phone Post
You seem upset, Princess. Phone Post 3.0
I'm not, don't worry.

Pudz didn't beat me up yesterday. Phone Post
Sorry if I humiliated you. Phone Post 3.0
10/8/13 3:27 PM
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KOdClowning - Forrest kicks a reporter at 50% AND SNAPS THE REPORTER'S LEG.


Don't disrespect a fighter like McCorkle that has fought the best and beat the best IN THE WORLD. You have no clue how hard he works.

Wtf? The guy was waiting like he was standing at a bus stop. Forrest should know better he should be glad he didn't fuck up his knee. Douchebag move imo.

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