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11/14/13 7:31 PM
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Pedro Carrasco
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“He’s kind of a big dude,” Zingano said about Velasquez, “but I’ll bite the crap out of his ankle.”

When she was told about Rousey’s comments on the matter, Zingano laughed and clarified her stance on just how she could defeat the baddest man on the planet.

“If it was in a dark alley and he was drunk and I wasn’t, I feel like I can knock him down,” she said.  “I may get my butt kicked, but he’d definitely remember we got in a fight!”


She also talked about Tate and Rousey:

“The way I look at it, I started this sport – there are a lot of sacrifices that go into it.  I have a kid, I have all these other things I do in my life; and if I’m going to sacrifice all this time – blood, sweat and tears, not getting to eat what I want, not getting to socialize the way I want – I better be the best at this.  I don’t do anything else.  I live my life to be the best at what I apply myself to.  Right now that’s MMA.  Ronda is the world champion, and she’s where she’s at, we’re both undefeated – I think I have one more win on my record than she does – and we’re both finishers.  Stylistically I want to see how that turns out.

“It’s not even necessarily I want Ronda, I want to be the tattooed name on who beat Ronda Rousey; it’s about, we are both undefeated, we are both very talented, we both have the same kind of work ethic, alright, today, who’s the better fighter?  I really want to go apply myself to that whole theory that I have and go out there and, yeah, I guess know that I beat somebody that works as hard as me, I beat somebody that cares as much as me, and that this is something that both of us were born to do, but for some reason I’m better.  It means a lot to me to be world champion.  It means a lot to me to be the best at this.  I’ve done a lot of sports, I’ve done a lot of things, and I’ve come up second or third or fourth, or I quit before I really get to my peak because of circumstances.  With MMA there’s nothing in my way, there’s nothing stopping me.  The only reason I should go out there and lose to one of these girls is because of me.  And yes they are – I’m not taking anything away from their talent, their technique and their heart – but I know what I have and I know what I bring, and on any given night if I show up right with the heart and the intensity that I know I have, I’m unstoppable, and I truly believe that.”

Of course, with Rousey set to fight Miesha Tate, there is always the possibility that Tate becomes the first to beat the champion.  Zingano said she’s fine with that as well.

“Well I want to fight both of them either way, you know.  Should Miesha win, I’m excited for that fight because I would have wanted her again anyway.  Hopefully if Miesha wins, I would get a shot at Ronda at some point too, whether it be the next fight or a couple fights down the road, or whatever.  I want to fight all the girls at 135.  I want to climb this hierarchy of fighters and see where we all fit into place.  Obviously I want Ronda to win because I haven’t fought her yet, and I’m ready to move on to another fighter.  And she is the champion, she is the first one who got that belt, and I really wanted to be the first one to take that belt, but that’s not what happens [sometimes].

“To answer your question, it’s odd because I hear from so many people, and I don’t know where people get their logistics as far as their picks for this fight, but I have a lot of people that are just saying intuitively that they feel that Miesha is going to win, like, ‘I don’t know what it is, but I just think Miesha’s going to win, I just think like Miesha’s going to beat Ronda.’  I sit here and I think too, you know, I want Ronda to win, I think Ronda is going to win, but there is a little part of me that kind of feels like Miesha might want this more.  She got handed this opportunity, she got handed this show off of a loss, that’s all these things that fell into her lap, I feel like she’s going to capitalize on all of them as much as she can.  Hopefully that means she’s having a hardcore training camp.  Hopefully that means she’s focusing on everything she needs to in order to go out there and put on her best fight and put her best face forward.  From what I hear, Ronda’s making movies right now.  I can’t imagine that’s going to be very constructive during a training camp, but I don’t know.  Maybe she’s multi-dimensional like that.  Personally, I need to simplify my life when I’m in a training camp, so I’m not her, I don’t know.  It could actually fuel her.”

As far as the training is concerned, Zingano didn’t want to speculate on how the extra-curricular activities of Rousey could affect her training, but she did concede that filming movies on the side would be too much for her.

“Yeah, I don’t know.  Ronda’s very confident in her armbars.  It’s a good thing for her, so maybe she just is confident enough that she knows she’s going to get it and she doesn’t need to do all this extra stuff, so she can do all these movies.  I know when I’m not training I need to be laying flat.  I need to be horizontal with people giving me food and letting me nap and waiting until my next workout, and then my next workout and then I sleep, you know.  It’s a strategy, it’s a completely calculated life for that 8-10 weeks before a fight.  I just don’t know I’ve never really been in that position.”

11/14/13 9:44 PM
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