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11/17/13 11:21 AM
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Ok, let me start of by saying yes, I am a huge GSP fan, but let me add, I also thought he lost that fight. I know Hendricks clearly won rounds 2 and 4, there is no doubt. Round 3 was clearly GSP as you could see Johnny was slowing down a little bit. Round 1 was a toss up, yes, looked like Johnny was landing a lot of good shots, and GSP got that super fast take down and the sub attempt. So lets say Round one could have went either way. The judges went with the champ, and lets not say these judges are incompetent or barely qualified, they have been judging MMA and other combat sports for a while.

Hendricks lost because of this, he costed in the 5th round, thinking he already won the fight so he played it safe and didn't go after it. Like they say, to be the man you gotta beat the man. If you think you are winning it, put your stamp on it, seal the deal, make it clear that you are the winner. Don't rest on your game and cost. I love how people shit on St-Pierre for playing it safe and yet in the fifth round of every one of his fights he is still pushing the pace and putting a stamp on his wins. You think you won the fight, great, you are still in a fight. Don't sit there and complain about a decision when you pretty much let off the gas and rested on your previous work to mark your claim. That's point number #1.

Ok, now lets add that I am also a big fan of Big Rig, you can ask my misses who was watching the fight with me, I would have been just as happy seeing Johnny win that fight. But during the post fight press conference I was disappointed in him saying he only hit him with 70% power because people said he couldn't go into the deep waters of the 4th and 5th rounds. WHAT!!!! I am sorry, you want to sit there and bitch that you think you won the fight, that the judges made the wrong call. I am sorry, you made the wrong call my friend, answer those types of questions when you have a gold strap around your waist, not when you are trying to get one. You want to say you want to be the champ and then when you lose say that you didn't hit him with everything you had. I am sorry, if you want something, you take it, and you want to be the man, you beat the man, and clearly, you blast him with everything you got. Answer the deep water questions in your championship fights, not make what sounds like an excuse after you lose a decision that you thought was wrong.

I could go on with this, and Dana and Johnny and so many others will more than likely disagree with what I wrote here, but you have to admit there is truth to it. I don't believe GSP beat Hendricks, I know Hendricks beat Hendricks both by his performance in the last round, and his admittance that he didn't hit with everything he got. At the end of the day Big Rig, you beat yourself.
11/17/13 11:22 AM
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Didn't read lol Phone Post 3.0
11/17/13 11:59 AM
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Pablo Duke
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I actually agree with you OP.

And yes, it is possible to be a big fan of a fighter, and still have some objectivity.

And like you, I'm a fan of both fighters.

It was pretty clear that GSP couldn't take too many more of those heavy combos, but then Johnny slowed way down in the 3rd, seemed like he was Hendo-ing for that one shot.
He took the 4th. But then he coasted the 5th.

And again, say what you will about GSP and his decisions, but he keeps working till the final bell and puts a dominant stamp on his fights.

This one, I thought he was losing going into the 5th... I'm still not certain, have to rewatch it.

Either side you fall on, you have to admit: the rematch will be HUGE. Phone Post 3.0
11/17/13 12:01 PM
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Tru Technique
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So OP read a bunch of other threads and simply copied what they were saying. Cool story brah....

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