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1/20/14 12:35 AM
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jmont - 
SurenoBlue -
jmont - I like fights where guys have contradicting styles and this is definitely one of them, can phil out wrestle shogun? can shogun use his improved boxing to ko davis? also ppl are forgetting how slick rua can be on the ground Phone Post 3.0

Damnit, I accidentally hit the post button before finishing what I was going to say lol

To me it seems like you just want to see Shogun lose and see Davis pick up a cheap win over him.

You and I both know Davis isnt standing with Shogun

Shogun will never get the chance to give us the the knockout over Davis' boring ass that we all want!

The out come of the fight would be too predictable. Davis wins

Lets see Shogun fight Thiago or Nog!

BTW, I remember Davis calling Shogun out. I waa pissed. Its obvious Davis is tryng to make his name off of Shogun....he is banking on the same fat out of shape Shogun who fought Sonnen showing up vs him. Ive lost even more respect for Davis

Lets see if Davis is still calling Shogun out if Shogun goes on a consistent run lol.

Shogun's technique is always there but If Shogun stays hungry and keeps training hard and goes on a consistent run, then I will be more confident in Shogun being able to have the gas, nuetralise Davis on the ground, and KO him on the feet. Thats the only time the fight should even be entertained

I donno what your talking about, I would route for shogun if they fought Phone Post 3.0

It's Thiaguy don't mind him, if you don't have wet dreams about Shogun giving you a bukkake treament his schtick is that you obviously hate him.

1/20/14 12:54 AM
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KingofBJJ - 
SurenoBlue - 
KingofBJJ - 
SurenoBlue - 
KingofBJJ - He should be fighting Gus, but the UFC remembers how that ended, so they Gus an easy fight. They made sure Rashad didn't fight Gus either, so they made him fight Daniel.

It's all a ploy.

Youre fucking retarded.

Gus was GREEN when he fought Davis. He knew NOTHING about grappling

Now Gus is a certified great grappler (watch Jones fight) and a more experienced striker too

Gus would beat the breaks off of Davis.

Yawn. Gus had nine fights under his belt by the time he and Davis fought, he was anything but green by MMA standards.  Not to mention Davis only had 5 fights at the time.

LOL! You are mentally handicapped if you think today's Gus will be much different. Davis's wrestling exceeds Jones's.

Davis is the one who taught Gus how to grapple you idiot.

Let's take this a step further who has Gus fought to warrant a title fight?  Hmmmm.  Rua, and aging knee worn warrior, who even loss to Sonnen?  Thiago? Hamill? 

Let's look at Phil's:  Lil Nog.  Machida and even Boetsch back around when Davis first got into MMA.

How fucking stupid can you be? Jesus christ

I said Gus was GREEN in his grappling when he fought Davis.....and obvious, it was the grappling that decided that fight....

Even then....have you actually seen the fight?

Gus was stuffing Davis' takedowns. It wasnt until Gus went for a takedown hinself that he left his neck out there and got caught by Davis...In other words Gus pulled a Shogun vs Sonnen...

It was a very close and contested fight either way and that was back when Gus was still a NOVICE grappler, while Davis was the much more experienced grappler

Gus has IMPROVED HIS grappling TEN FOLD since that fight. Its been Davis himself who has helped Gus with his wrestling since then.

That also shows how driven and strong Gus is. He stared training with the guy who beat him, so that he could turn that weakness into a strength. Gus' grappling is now a strength

You ever heard the saying, "the student surpasses his master"

If Gus and Davis fought today GUS WOULD beat up on Davis worse then when Gus beat up on Jones

Gus has much better grappling now(learned from Davis himself) and is a much much much better striker. Davis would get his takedowns stuffed and then would get battered on the feet by Gus

Youre original post was so ridicilous with all your crazy theories I didnt even bother responding. I know what you were trying to lead on.

From what ive seen of you, you always obsessively hate on white fighters while obsessively riding the jock of black fighters. Youre a fucking racist. And you are by FAR one of the WORST posters here

It boggels my mind how some good posters get banned YET a shit poster like you is still here

Keep dreaming in your fantasy land, it must be nice to be so far detached from reality.

Here is what is real. Jones is still champ. Davis is still undefeated. And Gus is, well...the great White Hype.

I thought Rashad beat Davis?
1/20/14 12:55 AM
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circa305 - The problem is hes already earned his title shot but the titles tied up at the moment so they dont really have anyone for him.
No, just no. Davis is looking great lately but a win as controversial as his over Machida does not earn you a title shot. He needs to fight someone in the top ten/top five preferably and win in dominant fashion, then he has earned his shot.

Even if it is just a boring UD. Phone Post 3.0
1/20/14 7:24 AM
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KingofBJJ - 
Sortilege - Joe Silva offered Phil Davis vs Ovince Saint Preux for the Dec 28 (UFC 168) card. OSP accepted and Phil Davis declined citing a knee injury.

Some people may laugh at the matchup but the fact remains that Davis is getting matchups, he just doesn't like them.


Jesus go back to watching WWE kid. I swear these forums need to have credit cards as a restriction to joining these boards.

OSP? What the heck has he accomplished? Phil took on Nog and Machida, but he would suddenly fake an injury for a guy who is second tier?

Honestly, I should learn to ignore you teenagers when you make these ridiculous and less than thought out statements.

Joe Silva's reasoning was that Vince was 10-1 in the last 3 years so he wanted to give him a step up in competition & keep Phil Davis busy at the same time.

Ovince has never turned down a fight, the same could not be said of other fighters...

But then again, what do I know? I'm just a coach...
1/20/14 11:29 AM
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Zero interest in a Phil Davis fight. Phone Post 3.0

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