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2/20/14 3:09 AM
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pwnstars420 - I know people who became fans of UFC thru watching streamed events. They go on to order PPV's that they think are worth ordering. Dana doesn't know diddly squat. What they need is a new promoter. It's nearly impossible to watch TUF (Canada vs Australia) in Canada. In order to watch a PPV event I have to go on my computer room, order Fight pass, watch a few fights on there, then its off to my living room where I pray it's on sportsnet 360, since I can't afford to order fox sports 1, fox sports 2, fight pass, and on top of that order $60 event. It's enough to drive someone broke and crazy.

What the fuck are you talking about? TUF is on sportsnet 360 every week, and pretty much anything that isn't a ppv is also on sportsnet 360. In fact, this is pulled directly from sportsnet 360's main page:

Sportsnet 360 is the new home for UFC in Canada. Every Wednesday night, UFC will be front & centre with 4 hours of UFC programming in prime time headlined by exclusive Canadian coverage of The Ultimate Fighter. The UFC Wednesday night line-up will also feature UFC Central, UFC Wired and Unleashed.

The channel will also provide coverage of more than 30 live UFC events on Saturday nights."

I get it, we all hate Zuffa, and Dana, and whoever else, but for fuck's sake if you're having a tough time finding half of what you say, you must be at least half retarded. You also needn't worry about having to pay for Fox sports 1, because they don't even fucking have it in Canada. For the sake of humanity, I really hope you were joking with your post.
2/20/14 3:25 AM
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cigano fan
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Feel sorry for my American bros that you cant get Bt sport, every ppv,fight night etc without extra charge on the monthly package ( £40 a month ). There's no fucking way i'd shell out 60 clams for every ppv.

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