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3/16/14 3:25 AM
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House Boru
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Im really liking Hector Lombard lately. not only his performances but his interviews. he seems alot happier/ interested and cooler in general. keeps making sure to say how important the fans are to him.

Not a big Johnny Hendricks fan but was extremely impressed by his combinations particularly in the 1st and 2nd. those 5 and 6 pieces while stepping around the corner slicly and the fluidity with which he was adding in the knee + the technique and power with which he applied the low kicks. to me big/ noticeable improvements. kept thinking i wonder who the hell hes been getting sparring in with. really seemed to turn a corner as far as striking technique. that type of combination punching/ striking always shouts high level to me.

Nothing personal but Jake Shields really doesnt have much for the top tier these days.

Woodleys win doesnt hold much weight in my book. just my own personal opinion of course but i thought Carlos was really starting to touch him up and he was going to get slept.

Myles Jury is the truth.

Diego always deserves respect. however his heart cant carry him at the top. his technique is flawed and i wonder if its possible to be remedied at this point in his career.

That Von Floo was the dopeness and he baited it slickly. the guy has a tyson-esque lisp and seems likeable.

great card. would love to see Nick pursued as it appears Dana is refusing to in an attempt to avoid good faith renegotiation.

3/16/14 3:40 AM
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I agree with you on pretty much everything except Lombards performance tonight. Round 1 was great, but it kind of seems like he knew he had it after that so he just took it easy in 2 and 3. i just wish the Condit fight went further so the next title shot wouldve been more clear. Phone Post
3/16/14 3:59 AM
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The Brotorious B.I.G
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Not saying this is my opinion but ive heard it said that hector is a douche bag, although he did follow me on twitter for like a week, when he first got signed to the ufc, Phone Post
3/16/14 4:09 AM
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Lombard didn't do as much as he could of. Im convinced that if he came after Jake and thrown more combos and strikes when he had him hurt in the first he could of finished. As far as Jake not being "top tier" anymore i disagree his defitelty the most explosive athlete and does struggle implementing his game with the top WW fighters but he does have wins over Woodley and Maia as of late and you can't forget he has a win over Lawler who is the number 2 guy at this point.

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